Bowls by Nan Burke

I enjoy making bowls because they hold color and light and can be made in an endless number of shapes.  They are made by heating glass in a kiln either on top of or in a mold that determines their shape.  Currently, my favorite molds yield a low, wavy organic shape or a taller wavy shape.  They work well for me when I am working with single layer 2mm glass, especially art glass that has an intense color streaked with clear and white.  I cut the glass to shape, grind the edges to round them over, fire it with its mold in the kiln, then sandblast the glass to give it its special texture.  Most kiln-formed glass is 4mm or more thick, resulting in a heavy bowl.  Most glass artists do not make 2mm bowls because it requires precise programming to do it successfully.  This work is very light in weight, and when sandblasted and rubbed with mineral oil, appears ethereal.

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